DESIGNSAMUSIL is growing multidisciplinary studio focusing on architecture and design. The award-winning practice, established by Kim young-tae in 2011, is currently involved in residential, commercial, and small-scale institutional projects that focus on making cultural contributions, while also providing meaningful social and physical experiences. Each project is a direct result of its own specific evolution and process, achieved by the means and methods. We are continuously engaged in research and speculative work and actively participate in the academic environment. We seek out every opportunity to challenge standard conditions, expand current conventions, and create better environments. Our work is memorable, engaging, and responsive to contemporary culture.

Designers and Partners:

Hong jong-hwa, Kim min-ho, Kang sung-gu

Past and present collaborators:
Lee min-ho, Lee ju-han, Kwon jung-yeol, Kwon sin-gu, Hong seung-suk, Lee yun-ho, No jin-ho, An chul-min, Yuon myeong-hyun.


Gu ui-jin, Song you-sub, Lighthouse, Kang pil-mo, Shin kyung-sub, Park young-chae.


Monday - Friday 09am-06pm

Saturday - 09am-2pm


54, Sinbanpo-ro 45-gil, Seocho-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea


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